Love Runs Out

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. The truth is, I’m catching up on my readings. The books I’ve been dying to read and a couple of books I discovered along the way. I’m currently addicted to young adult novels as of late, and you know what that means, series after series… Read More Love Runs Out

Gentle Giants

I promised to post weekly, but in case you did not notice, there were times I missed my goal. But, as promised in my last post, I’ll share about our interaction with the gentle giants, or locally known as butanding. The first time I saw a whale shark was when we visited a museum in… Read More Gentle Giants


You’re over my headI’m out of my mindThinking I was born in the wrong timeIt’s love on rewind,Everything is so throwback-ish.. Indeed, everything is so throwback-ish! Yesterday, (Yes, yesterday. This probably is the latest blog post, ever! Hurray!), I was hanging out with my best friend.  I reckon it was the first time since high… Read More Classic


Hi! I know I promised to post a thing or two in my last post. The thing is, my laptop broke, (not a good excuse, I know, because I’m currently blogging through my phone), and, to be honest, my creative juices and the desire to blog has gone down the drain. I’ve been uninspired lately… Read More Happy