Hi! I know I promised to post a thing or two in my last post. The thing is, my laptop broke, (not a good excuse, I know, because I’m currently blogging through my phone), and, to be honest, my creative juices and the desire to blog has gone down the drain. I’ve been uninspired lately… Read More Happy


Last month, another item from my bucket list was strucked off. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of basketball, more particularly collegiate basketball. With that, I’ve always wanted to watch a UAAP game live, and feel the thrill and excitement of college ball face to face. One of the UAAP games I’m looking… Read More ANIMO

Chapter 21

Last month, I celebrated my birthday month. Twenty one years ago, on the twenty-seventh day of September, I was brought into this world. That was the first time I met my parents and the rest of the family. For the succeeding months and years, I met people, friends, who I consider as family, and foes, who… Read More Chapter 21