The Nostalgic Primavera started blogging when she was still in high school but she doesn’t blog religiously not until now that she’s in college. She blogs in her Multiply back in the days when she feels like it. But she felt the need to be serious in blogging thus the creation of her official blog account, The Nostalgic Primavera.  She previously used Tumblr in blogging and recently just transferred here in WordPress.

She uses this account as an online diary-slash-journal-slash-somewhere-to-blab-anything-and-everything-under-the-sun. Yes, she sometimes writes her feelings down but not to the extreme. She still holds some deepest-darkest secrets to her, and to her alone.

She loves FASHION: from shoes, clothes to accessories, to make ups galore to every fashion detail you can name. She is also an aspiring model, hence the reason why she beams in front of a camera. She dreams of that one day wherein she walks down the catwalk and/or work with famous photographers, stylists and fashion designers; include famous fashion magazines in the list.

Aside from being fashionista, she is also a diligent student having graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of San Carlos.


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