Back To You

Here I am, yet again, apologizing for the lack of posts the past days. I was busy with a couple of things that needed my attention. Hint: whale shark interaction. I’ll blog some of it soon. One of the reasons I wasn’t able to post was because I got addicted to this series that I spend most of my time watching and re-watching it. What series am I talking about? I’m talking about Reign.

Reign is a history-fiction series that follows the life of Mary Queen of Scots. I must admit, I love history so much that when I knew that it is inclined to history, it got me in an instant. We all know what happened, but unwritten in the history books are happenings that we know nothing about. Sure, they tweaked and twisted it but as much as possible, the characters and the plots were based from history.

Aside from the its inclination towards history, they have a good taste of music, modern music. Although its ironic for a historic series to have modern music as background, it suits perfectly and it gets you to fall in love with the series even more. Not to mention, the actors’ and actresses’ beauty and accent. I’m in love!

One of my favorite songs used in the series is this one by Twin Forks.

This song was used in Episode 1, Season 1, wherein Mary and her ladies-in-waiting danced, and Mary and Francis remembered their past, with an eye contact from afar. KILIG!!!!!

Are you also a fan of Reign? What are your favorite songs? Don’t hesitate to comment below.

<3, A nina P.


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