Color Manila Run – Cebu

I officially kicked of my summer 2014 last April 6 by joining Cebu’s first ever color run, and ticked it off from my personal bucket list. Yes, I haven’t joined any fun run in the past. I admit, I’m not sporty although, I work out in the gym sometimes; I prefer reading books than running but after running 5k for my first run, and a color run at that, I must admit I enjoyed it, especially when you are running with your friends, and meeting new ones.

Here are some of the photos I took during the run. Excuse the crappy photos, my phone was inside a zip lock because we were advised to protect our personal belongings. 😛



The road was literally colorful. This is the “orange station”.


My friend and I wearing the free Color Manila Run foldable glasses.


The signs are so cute not to notice. Look at that note! 🙂


There was some kind of a color party at the finish line.


After the run, we headed to the nearest fast food to eat breakfast. Can you guess where? 😉


Meet my new found friend’s colorful hair. 🙂


Good job, Anina! 🙂



My clean white shirt became this colorful after running.

So, here are some advice if ever you want to join a color run, or any run, for that matter:

  • PRACTICE. I did not immediately ran 5k without any practice. I actually started running a week before the event to strengthen my legs and to condition myself. Like any other sport or exercise, you have to do warm up exercises so that you wouldn’t get cramps. In my case, I ran everyday for a week. I ran around the village, and eventually ran from the village to the Marcelo Fernan bridge in Lapu-Lapu City. I live in Mandaue City, by the way.
  • BRING TISSUE PAPER. Wet or dry tissue, its a must. You wouldn’t want to keep your body colorful, would you? After the run, wipe off the color powder from your shoes and your shirt if you can, so that the colors wouldn’t get too attached. It has a tendency to stay when its not wiped off immediately. Plus, you wouldn’t want to have colorful car seats. About the shirt, if you want to keep the colors, you can do so, but if you don’t want, the colors can be removed by washing.
  • WATERPROOF CASE, POUCH OR BAG. The first station in a color run is the “wet station”, wherein fire trucks will spray water on the runners so that when the color powders are thrown at the runners, it will stick on you. No need to worry, though, because the color powders are just colored flours. So, to keep your gadgets from getting wet, use a waterproof pouch or bag. If you don’t have one, a zip lock plastic will do. Just like what I did. 🙂

If you want to join an extraordinary fun run, Color Manila Run will be having a Nite Run here in Cebu. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


Good luck and have fun! 🙂

<3, A nina P.


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