Camotes 2014

Hola! Let me start my February Photodiary with this post. February was one hectic month for me. We started our month with a mini vacation at Camotes Island, went back to the city with a couple of events to attend to; I didn’t even notice the month was over.

I am sure Camotes Island is quite familiar already. I’ve posted about the island a couple of times before, and here’s another post about it. This time, its not only about the beach but also about what to do during your stay on the island.


Welcome to Camotes Island!!!


In here, one can do so many activities. From touring the lake, horseback riding, kayaking, or swim in the pool in the resort nearby.





We rode this banca of sorts to reach an islet in the middle of the lake. 



Of course, you can have your pictures taken on the islet. 😉



The lake tour was awesome! We saw a lot of birds and some locals fishing and doing their laundry. I asked the guide about the lake and he said the lake is very deep, and that tourists should not be scared because there are no crocodiles nor snakes in the lake. (Unlike we see in the movies.)





Believe it or not, it was my first time to ride a horse on my own. Well, I’ve tried riding one before but the trainer was guiding the horse. this time, I rode it on my own, without any help from the trainer. How cool is that? 🙂 I wish I could show you the video but there seems to be a problem uploading. But stay tuned for that. 😉

Next stop, Timubo Cave!!



Inside the cave, there’s some kind of a pool or spring inside. It was my first time here, so imagine how scared I was going inside the cave. The pool was several feet down from the opening of the cave. You just have to follow the trail, and be careful because its so slippery with all the stalactites and stalagmites.  The pool was 5 ft. deep at that time because it was low tide, and reaches 7 ft. if its high tide. We weren’t able to swim because we did not bring extra clothes but I still took a dip. 😛 It was super cold but so refreshing. 😉

After the tour, we went back to Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, where we stayed, and swam and had fun in the pool. Remember about my post about the resort’s biggest pool was still closed? Well, its now open!!! 🙂


I hope you had fun touring Camotes Island with my post, and I hope you get to experience it yourself.

<3, A nina

p.s. Photos taken using my phone.


3 thoughts on “Camotes 2014

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