January Photodiary

Remember when I told you I was uninspired to blog for the past months, and I was looking for an inspiration? I finally found that needed push. Hence, I am writing my thoughts down, again.

To officially welcome myself to blogging, I’ve decided to post a little photodiary of sorts and share what went down the past months I was away. But since I was absent for so long, and yet I still want to keep this updated, I’ll start by sharing some highlights for the month of January.


Welcoming the year 2014 with a selfie. Yes, my first selfie of the year!


#ProjectFitness for 2014


Sinulog 2014


Happy Birthday Papa!


After all the festivities,  I was so tired I ended up in the hospital. I got dehydrated plus the weather was acting strange at that time, worsening my condition. I got released three days after.

There you have it, my January photodiary. Hope you enjoyed!

<3, Anina P.

p.s. I apologize for my short but sweet posts. I’m still getting the hang of it. Blogging, I mean. Long posts will be up in no time. We’ll get there. No worries. 🙂


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