Dumanjug, Cebu

As mentioned in this post, one of the things I planned on doing for the term break was to visit places. And true enough, I visited my mother’s hometown, together with my family and relatives.

I was born and raised in the city but that doesn’t mean I loathe the provinces. As a matter of fact, I enjoy staying in provinces whenever my family go out of town. The cool breeze, the smell of fresh leaves, the warmth of the sun. It makes you forget your busy lives in cities and makes you appreciate the beauty of nature even more.

So, allow me to channel my inner tourist guide personna, and also my inner ambassadress personna, and tour you around my mother’s hometown, Dumanjug. Dumanjug is located in the southwestern portion of Cebu Province. Its a one and a half hour drive from Cebu City via a private car, and two hour drive via public transportation. According to some people, Dumanjug got its name from a person who is really called Roman. One time, Roman was riding a bus and he eventually fell asleep. Because it was bumpy, Roman fell from the bus. The other passengers shouted out to the the driver, “Si Roman nahug!” (Roman fell!). The other passengers, on the other hand, thought it was the name of the place, “Roman ‘hug”. As time passed, people called it Dumanjug. Thus, the name Dumanjug.

Here are some of the photos from our trip to Dumanjug, last month.

St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church

The spacious side of the church.

The town plaza.

Dumanjug is famous for its manok bisaya (native chicken). I swear, its delicious. Its a must try! Dumanjug also holds a beautiful waterfalls in one of its inner barangays. I was able to visit the said waterfalls for a photo shoot two years ago.  I hope I can post a photo or two of the said shoot but I’m too shy. So, never mind. 😛 But, I’m thankful I was part of that project. 🙂

That’s it for now. I hope, one day, you can visit one of my favorite places on earth. 🙂

<3, Anina


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