White’s Hot: Vintage

Fashion is one way of expressing one’s self. One can choose from being edgy on one day to being girl-next-door the following day; from being androgynous last week, to being dainty this week. Fashion is limitless. One of its wonders is that a piece of clothing can never go out of style. Tales about clothes, bags and even accessories handed down from one generation to another always amaze me. It goes to show that fashion is as old as history. It may change from season to season, but fashion will always find its home in every fashionista. 🙂

A lot of girls my age tend to buy clothes from high-end brands. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. Quality is always the top priority. However, there are also a lot of avenue where one can buy branded clothes with much lesser price. Yes, I’m talking about thrift shops! With perseverance and determination, one can find a good dress or a nice top, and it won’t even look like it’s second-hand. It all boils down to how confident you are wearing it and how you styled it.

Take this dress for example; I got this from a thrift shop. My mom found this from a thrift shop and decided to buy it right then and there, and gave it to me. When I saw the dress, it reminded me of the clothes worn during the 1950’s. Although that era is characterized by colors, the color of the dress, gave me that nostalgic feeling. Color white always looks classy and elegant. White clothes always look simple yet very chic, and it brings out the feminine side of you. Nakakafresh at ang lakas makababae!

Dress: Thrifted | Heels: S&H

To complete the look, I opted not to wear too much accessories to give emphasis on the dress itself. I decided to wear silver and pearl accessories to complement the vintage-y feel of the dress. I also chose to keep my hair in a bun to maintain the simplicity and the classical vibe.

Lace dress + WHITE + simple accessories = PERFECT VINTAGE GET UP.

This is my take on WHITE’S HOT (http://facebook.com/WhitesHotPH). What’s yours? 🙂

Photos by: DM Cabahug

<3, A nina

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