Put Your Head in the Game

Every time I have free periods, the best way for me to relax is to stay at home, eat, sleep, read, or surf the internet. However, most of the time I try to watch television in order to update myself with current events, and latest news. Also, watch my favorite shows and series. That already includes, watching sports shows.

Although I’m not really into sports physically, as I only play sports for leisure, not as a hobby of sorts, I grew up watching basketball. No doubt, basketball is my favorite sport, though I don’t play it anymore.

Last September 22, together with my friend, Jel, whose also a basketball fanatic like me, watched the Mayor’s Cup, featuring three of the top notch PBA teams: SanMig Coffee Mixers (formerly the B-MEG Derby Ace Llamados), Alaska Aces and the Talk n’ Text Tropang Texters. Seeing your favorite ballers up close, shoot some hoops, it was surreal!

To prove that I’m not telling lies, here are some of the photos during that momentous event. For us! 😛

Can you see that bright smile? 🙂

 Here’s my friend Jel with the ballers. 🙂

The players’ bench 🙂

It was one for the books. Another item struck off from my bucket list. 🙂

<3, A nina


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