Live While We’re Young

The semestral break is finally here! Last Friday was the last day of our final examination. Unfortunately, mine got delayed for two whole days. I got 38.5 to 39-degree-Celsius fever with stomach pains and feelings of nausea, to the point that the ‘rents wanted to bring me to the hospital. I refused and only asked for a much needed rest. My plans for the weekend got cancelled, including a mini get-together with my college friends.

That fever was a blessing in disguise. The whole time I stayed in bed recovering, I was mentally alert, thinking about things: school, career, life, death. I know it’s morbid to think about your own death, but, we know for a fact that death is inevitable. It’s like a thief in the night, and “we should all be ready to face it”. That’s what my philosophy teacher in college taught us. Contemplating about death led me to think about my place in the world. If I’m going to die now, what will be the legacy I’m leaving? Who will cry over my coffin, and who will just send their regards? And, above all, who will remember me and visit my tomb?

Our philosophy teacher also taught us that, for us to be ready to face death, we have to live our lives to the fullest. Thus, this semestral break, while I was still in bed due to fever, I jotted down the things I’m planning to accomplish. Told you I was mentally alert. LOL!

  • RELAX. So I wouldn’t be sick again.
  • BLOG. I have so many things to blog about but since law school is a jealous boyfriend, I placed blogging on hold.
  • EARN. I got a job offer. But, I reckon I’ll stick with this business idea that’s been shining bright as ever. Hint: FOOD!
  • GET BACK IN SHAPE. While writing this one down, I’m also nursing my aching body. I’ve already enrolled myself earlier today and I started working out right away. Tiis ganda!
  • DRIVE. My driving skills are becoming rusty, so might as well continue my driving lessons, and then apply for a non-professional driving license. I really envy my younger brother who already has NP license, while I’m stuck with a student license.
  • READ. Books and magazines are already piling up ready as always to ignite my imagination.
  • GO TO PLACES. *crosses fingers*
  • CHASE AFTER MY DREAMS. I will not allow anything or, anyone, to keep me from my dreams. 🙂

This post is inspired by One Direction’s latest single, Live While We’re Young, hence the title. I’ve been listening to the song since it was released last month, but only now did I understand its true message. Live While We’re Young. Need I say more? 🙂

Chase your dreams!

<3, A nina


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