Good Time

Midterms week is finally over AND the school will be celebrating its foundation week the whole week of next week. That means, I will be having more quality time with my family and friends, and that much needed rest. Sorry books, let’s have a cool-off period, shall we? 

For the past weeks, its either you see me with my books or you see me goofing around with them…

…my cutie patootie nephews and nieces!!

Although I was busy the past weeks or so, I was able to insert some playtime with my nephews and nieces, during my breaks from studying and during breakfast and lunch times. Due to my schedule, I can’t eat dinner with my family anymore. Every time I get to hang out with them, its only for a limited time only since they have to go to school as well. More playtime next week, kiddos!!! 🙂 

Every time I’m with them, all my worries are flushed down the toilet, and you get to learn so many things from them too. Indeed, you have to talk to a child to discover what’s more important.

To end this post, I leave you with a feel good song I’ve been listening to the whole time. It always keeps my spirits up and always gives me that positive feel. 🙂

<3, A nina

p.s. On another note, La Salle won in today’s game earlier against NU to close their first round in a good note. Hurray! Its always a good time seeing your favorite team win. #keepthefaith #animo





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