Singing in Whisper

These were some of the photos I took during Tal‘s surprise birthday celebration (June 17, 2012). Major backlog, I know!!!!

Here’s a little story: Weeks before her birthday, we already thought of throwing a surprise for her. And, it was settled that we’ll have it when the clock strikes 12. So, we waited, still June 16 then. Minutes before twelve midnight, we all met at Kai’s house and started our way to Tal’s. However, the siblings, Francis and Issa were on AWOL. Issa being asleep, and wasn’t able to wake up despite our gazillion calls; Francis was out of town. Left with no choice, the three of us decided to continue our mission with the help of Ming’s boyfie and Tal’s niece.

When we were already at Tal’s, we had a difficulty of surprising her since she slept at her parents’ room. So we sang the birthday song in whisper. Yep, in whisper. LOL!  😛

Tal, if you see this, belated Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, not just to me, but to all of us. We love you so much! 🙂

<3, A nina


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