Shine and Thrive

Hear ye! Hear ye! You are cordially invited to..

The University of San Carlos Law School Acquaintance Ball 2012

As mentioned, last Thursday, was the most glamorous school event I attended to date. I’m not only talking about the clothes worn by the students, professors and guests alike, but also the venue itself was beyond amazing. To be honest, I’ve been to Grand Convention Center a million times, however, the crew put up a very good job in beautifying the venue. For a moment, I thought I was in a different place upon entering the hall.

Of course, the stars of the night were the students, professors and guests. All were dolled up for the said event: girls, wearing gorgeous ball gowns and/or sexy cocktail dresses; the guys were all suited up. Its like literally attending a red carpet premiere of some sort were everyone is so beautiful and handsome. I swear I was both boy and girl crushing. LOL!

Apart from the acquaintance party, the college is also celebrating its 75th Diamond Year Anniversary. So, it is but proper to have a “bongga” party such as this. The college also gave honor to the new lawyers because of the high passing rate for 2011. Triple celebration, indeed!

After all the ceremonies had ended, we all partied the night away. Law students deserve to party like crazy after all the studying, oral exams, readings and all that jazz.

Whoever said you can’t mix fashion and law school clearly doesn’t know anything about the two. Just an opinion. 🙂

Dress: Custom made | Clutch: Vintage | Heels: Janeo | Hype my look on here

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<3, A nina


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