Who’s That Girl

Hello! Its weekend once again, and that means, free time for me to post something. Yey! 🙂

Have you noticed something? A sort of pattern, maybe? Well, its the fact that I get to only post something during the weekends, particularly Satudays and/or Sundays. And I’d like to apologize for the hiatus. As we all know school already started two weeks ago, and in my case, law school. I’ve been busy adjusting to law school life, reading bulky books, lengthy cases, preparing for orals, and what nots. But hey, I’m not complaining at all! This is what I want, and I’m thankful for this privilege. 🙂

Anyway, on to what I’m wearing. Fashion blogger ang peg. LOL!

Headband: Forever 21 | Button down: Uniqlo | No brand colored jeans | Shoes: NAVA | Hype my look on Lookbook.nu here.

Colored pants are now back on trend and so I decided to pair a simple button down top with my purple pants to give it an oomph factor. Feeling fashion blogger. LOL! This is an outfit I would probably where to school if, and only if, I’m not too lazy to wear heels, and if sleeveless tops are allowed. 😛

Happy weekend everyone! 😉

<3, A nina

p.s. I got the title from Guy Sebastian’s song which I’ve been singing and listening to the past two weeks and I’m still not over it. HAHA


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