Dream High

I just finished watching Dream High last night. And I must say, even if others didn’t like the ending, and though it was kind of bitin, I still liked it! I even cried rivers. HAHA! Silly me. My friends will really make of fun of me. 😛

Dream High is currently my favorite, not to mention the best K-drama series I’ve watched! I’m a fan of K-drama, but I reckon this is the only K-drama I am most attached to: crying whenever the characters cry, feeling sorry for their sorrow, getting giddy and excited when their dreams are within at arms length, getting angry when the characters are bullied, I could go on and on. Seriously, it seems like Dream High has become my life! LOL. 

Aside from being a fan, I’ve also learned so many things from it:

  • Your family and friends will ALWAYS be your number ONE supporter.
  • The journey towards your dream is a long one, BE PATIENT.
  • You may encounter bumps along the way but NEVER give up on your dreams.
  • Haters will always be there. Use them to your ADVANTAGE.
  • No matter how impossible your dream/s is/are, dreams really do COME TRUE.
  • Once you’re there, REMEMBER who helped you reach for it.
  • LOVE. Love yourself and the people around you.

There are no boundaries, as long as you believe, you can DREAM HIGH!

To the writer, you are one GENIUS! Thank you for inspiring me, and the others. No wonder this K-drama is multi-awarded. Well-deserve! Kudos! 🙂

<3, A nina


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