Hello WordPress!

I finally understood WordPress!!! I have been blogging for over a year already but, I used Tumblr. Although I am accustomed to it, there are, however, features available here that are not available there.

The first time I tried blogging, WordPress was my first option then, Tumblr was the second. But the latter was, for the lack of better word, more user friendly at that particular time, than the former. So, aninaplenos.tumblr.com was born.

Many times, I tried to follow what my heart truly desires, which is WordPress, but I didn’t give in until tonight when I gave it a try. With a couple clicks here and there, my blog has finally found its home.

I am not, however, closing my doors to Tumblr. It has played a huge part in my early years of being a blogger. I am not a legit blogger. Just a simple lass looking for an outlet to pour her thoughts and what nots. Tumblr has thought me so many things, and with that, I will be forever grateful. And hey, I reckon I can now reblog photos whenever I want to. Yey!

That’s it for now. Expect more posts from me soon! 🙂

<3, A nina

p.s. Can someone here help me on how I can link my Tumblr posts here? Pretty please? Newbie here. 🙂


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